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Hey Gang

Well, it's nice to be back. My life has changed to much since my last posts all I have time for is an update. Deep breath.

I gave up the idea of the priesthood around the last time I wrote about it here, maybe a few months before. When I realized five years ago that my son would be starting his freshman year at college, and we'd be paying for half of it at least, splitting costs with his bio-dad, the same year I would start seminary I thought: this just cannot happen. My wife was still underpaid, working as an intern, and I had been the primary breadwinner all the years we've lived together and my son is, well, my son. It is my job to make his life as good as I can. It felt selfish, narcissistic, I am not sure of the word, but I knew I could not pay for both or was not willing to try.

Maybe I should have, maybe I should have, but instead I began re inventing myself in other ways.

First, anyone who actually reads this will be glad to know, my ocd symptoms, so jarring four a…