The Drive By Truckers and A Penny for the Old Guy

I know, those of you who have heard of this band or will now listen to them will think I've gone off the edge of some rural, barn-dotted horizon. But DBT really aren't country; they're dirt rock, if I can coin a phrase. And I recommend them.

I actually got their album, Decoration Day, free in the mail from Steph's BMG club. Free. I didn't play it until one day last summer when I was laying wood in the hallway and grabbed the nearest thing. This album has true poetry. If you have napster, check it out. Buy it if if you're feeling adventurous, and give it a a few spins before you write it off. A very different sensibility. A couple songs, like Gun in the Closet, remind me of moods I find in Robert Frost's poetry, but that's the only thing yankee about this album.

Like Social D., like New Bomb Turks or (the ex) Bikini Kill, DBT is an underrated but brilliant band. Next time Brittany's latest hit causes you to choke on bubble gum, try some DBT.


Today is my church's harvest feast. And what are we eating in the foothills? Taco bar, man. My job is to bring the pony keg, so I have to swing by the British brewery tucked into the apple farm country up here. Since yesterday was November 5th, Guy Fawkes' Day, ("Remember remember the fifth of November/
Gunpowder, treason and plot,") the brewery, which is owned by a real brit., has traditional dancers doing the old dances and it will be packed. Stick dances like those in the offbeat film, Wicker Man. Fun. They even burn the effigy at dark, though I've never been there for that. Too bad S is working and Mikey is with a friend. I don't like going to parties alone; it feels lonely! But the harvest feast should be fun and I hope to lift today for the first time in probably three weeks. I've been jogging, which feels wonderful, but I miss the weights also. A set or two of 16 oz. curls at the brewery don't count of course, and if I wait much longer I won't have time.

Be well all. I miss you, and I can't even see you.


scooter said…
Mistah Kurtz, he dead.

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