A Brief Note

It's 2:00 in the morning, it's been snowing and blowing for hours. The power keeps popping in an out (literally; a blue flash from somewhere out there, a thump sound, and no power; a minute later, the same phenomena and the power returns; some kind of high voltage damage in the neighborhood lines). Since I could lose this post at any moment, I'll make it very short.

I'm not on the emotional holiday high of a few days ago, but I'm okay. We've spent the last two or three days inside mostly, going for snow walks, having snowball fights that are much too short by Mikey's standards. The next two days it's really supposed to snow. We'll see. We had a few days of rain first, unusual for this time of year, but the weather in the Sierra is forever tied to California and that town fights the fourth season all it can.

I don't know why I'm up. Partly to keep the wood stove hot so the living room won't be freezing if we do lose power for the rest of the night (our central heater needs electricity to run) and partly because laying in bed and watching that blue flash every so often was kind of unnerving. Hearing it. Mikey and I were walking back, well after dark, on the road in front of our place (a late night snowball adventure) the first time it happened. It lit up the whole street. Better to stay inside until the electrical guys, insane as they are, find and fix it.

So I can't really write. I don't want to lose all this!

The typing makes me sleepy, which is very nice.

See you all again soon, if I have power to connect! It never goes out for more than a day. Luxury living. Everyone who lived up here ten or twenty years ago talks about five, six, seven days without power every winter. Guess we moved up at a good time.

And it really does't get cold here, not really. Okay, twenties, teens at best. But usually twenties at night, thirties in the day in winter. Sometimes it won't go over freezing for a few days, but that's rare. Again, I hear global warming from everyone who grew up here; it used to snow so much more, etc. All in all, I'm beginning to find it pretty temparate. My first couple winters I couldn't believe the weather change.

Okay, I am officially wasting time. Back to bed.



K Murphy J said…
Ahhh, the late night post... There's something so comforting about being able to speak at any time of the day / night and knowing that someone, shortly, will be reading and answering. I have had many sleepless / sleep interupted nights and done the same thing, rather than just flipping from one infomercial to the other. :)

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